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So fucking tired of the rampant transphobia in this country again. It honestly makes me scared for my life.

Oh great, the whole cat family has a cold, it seems. Nayru and Link are all tired, Din is nauseous and O'Malley and Murphy are sneezing like crazy.

How utterly brainless do you have to be to manage to get suspended on Elon's Twitter, as a right-wing nutjob.

Fug, I forgot to update my amazon and steam wishlists.
I'll do that tomorrow and then post them. But only get me something if you REALLY want to, okay?

Today I got to introduce my one of my DnD groups to Chirpy.
A very productive day, indeed.

Oh man, that wholesale butcher I sometimes go to had crispy chicken patties and they're so fucking good.
Basically making BK Crispy Chickens now for 1/3rd the price and with more meat. :3

I don't think I'd ever want to own a property in the US. All the fucking HOA stories I keep seeing make me want to choke someone. Such a stupid concept.

Oh yeah, for some reason I was perfectly fine again about 20 minutes after I arrived at work, this morning.
My blood sugar was fine (actually a tiny bit high) so I have no clue what caused that extreme dizziness.

No idea what's going on, but I decided to take the train today, because I gotta work late, and once I got to the train station, I suddenly got incredibly nauseous and dizzy. Vision is blurry and I almost passed out once or twice...

Since my finances are slowly getting better, I guess I COULD post my birthday wishlist, since I'll be able to buy shit for other people again soon, too...

Every time I see "MK Ultra" (mostly from crazy people who think it's still a thing) I have to remind myself that that's, in fact, not a Mortal Kombat game. I'm thinking of MK Ultimate

Oh yeah, yesterday at the store, I saw a lot of traditional Christmas candy that they rebranded as Easter candy and I was like "wat"

People are actually complaining that the cell broadcast warning system works and that they got a loud warning about the HUGE POISONOUS SMOKE CLOUD near Hamburg.
Please, if you hate it so much, go outside and take a deep breath, you absolute fuckwads.

You know what I find incredibly frustrating? When artists have been drawing big comics with 20+ pages and there's no way to actually read them conveniently. Instead you gotta scroll through several hundred tweets and slowly piece them together. Backwards.

Lol, Elon removed the blockade on Substack tweets and claims it never happened.
How stupid does he think people are?
Something something projection.


Ugh, feeling like absolute shit today. Good thing I'm planning on leaving work early today.

Ugh, dozed off, then woke up with chest pain (that seems to be stomach related) and my throat is so tight now that drinking kinda hurts.

Is there ANYONE who actually likes Baby Huey? (The cartoon character, not the singer)

I always wanted to see the fox fucking kill that fucker.

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