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Apparently Twitter completely blocked the use of any third party clients, without prior warning. Elon really is the biggest scumbag imaginable. I hope the courts fuck him sideways.

Is ANYONE surprised that a lot of TERFs now also subscribe to the Great Reset bullshit?

I really wish those people would just go away. Christ.

Just thinking about one of the earliest lessons my mom taught me, when I was a little kid.
"Nobody belongs to another person. Ever. You can belong _with_ somebody, but never _to_ somebody."
Very good lesson.

I'm craving either burgers or sushi. It's 1:30 AM, so I can have neither.

Yeah, the shoe looks a bit fucky, but you don't notice it when shrunk down to sticker size.

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I made a transparent image (I'm using it as a Discord sticker) of @MikeStoklasa dabbing, from the latest Best of the Worst episode.

Wait, there are people who still even gave a fraction of a shit about that ancient sonic.exe crappypasta?

Oh this is wonderful. With Twitter renaming the regular and chronological timeline to "For You" and "Following" it obviously keeps automatically switching me back to the algorithm shit one.

Sweet Jesus, my left tonsil hurts like FUCK now and the pain's spreading to my ear. Yeah, almost definitely tonsillitis.

So, we watched the first two eps of Velma.
We expected it to be bad.
It was worse. So. Much. Worse.

Well fuck. My smart living room light switch is fucked.
At first it would immediately turn off again after a second, now, after tripping the circuit breaker to reboot it, it doesn't react anymore at all. Gotta replace the whole thing.

Seriously though, it looks like it despises its audience, as well as its source material.

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>inb4 "if you don't like that Velma show, you're racist"

It's 2023 and people still think adding swearing and gore to a game makes it "mature"

I have no idea what exactly LRG fired an employee for, but considering the chuds are seething (funnily enough, a TON of them have a paid blue checkmark) it must have been a good decision.

I really wish my dad would stop smoking when mom and I are trying to eat breakfast

Also, this would hit WAY more CIS women who don't fit the beauty standards of whoever wants to apply this law, than trans women.
And if by "appearance" they mean genitals, hoo boy do we have an unlawful breach of personal space on our hands.
This clause is 100% unlawful.

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Oh great, the self-ID law has been delayed to at least summer, because parts of the government are sucking up to terf shitheads and specifically want to leave a loophole for them to "exclude people based on appearance"
How's that supposed to conform with anti discrimination laws?

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