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I'm nauseous as fuck and on the verge of tears. This is great. I guess it's time to take some benzos...

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Ugh. I didn't sign up for this kind of bullshit, today.

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6 hours of debugging can save you 5 minutes of reading documentation

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Bloxham School, worth £9,000 a term would rather talk about the fibonacci sequence then how they did nothing but chastise a student whose panic attacks lead to them curling up in their room.

Having one of those moments where I remembered that there are people who still believe trickle-down economics work and I'm baffled that it's possible to be that stupid.

Hey, question, are tip jars for the staff at doctor's offices a thing where you live?
They've always been a thing here.

Ever since it got warm over the weekend, I got a real problem with houseflies and flying ants.
Just ordered two bug zappers.

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Why would you run towards me instead of away? Did you actually think I'd be your "9 ft tall dommy mommy vampire girlfriend"? THINK, Ethan.

I hate that almost every restaurant here closes at 10 PM, so I can't order food.

Otherwise, Athena is fine and I do like that the game actually fleshes out Apollo a bit. And of course there's Simon Blackquill, who is amazing. But it's just not enough to counter how utterly annoying most other characters are. Really glad they dialed it back again afterwards.

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In the third case, you have a character who acts arrogant as fuck and one who SCREAMS EVERY SECOND LINE and halfway through the case, they switch to DIFFERENT annoying stereotypes.
There's more in the fourth case, but basically they turned the "quirkiness" of witnesses past 11.

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First case is still fine, but then you get to the second case and... Jinxie is annoying and everyone just accepts her dangerous delusions, Filch is annoying and nobody really calls out his stealing, Fulbright is just INCREDIBLY annoying and stupid throughout the entire game.

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