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Person: hey so is it actually true that germans have a super specific word for everything? haha I bet you have a word for an answer that's not actually an answer too right haha
German: jein

Whatever happened to that Jumpman guy?
We never even found out his real name, did we?

Without revealing your age, what’s the first video game you remember playing?
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Without revealing your age, what’s the first video game you remember playing?

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Hi, I'm the woman that Person #4 got a DM from and then claims I blocked her. That's not what happened and I literally screenshot every single tweet of our exchange because I felt emotionally manipulated by her.

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The whole Vinny situation has turned into such a shitshow of misinformation, red herrings, and people pushing agendas that the waters have become absolutely caked in mud and it’s becoming almost impossible for the average person to even remotely get what’s going on

I'm not gonna say anything absolute about the situation, but all of that evidence is incredibly sketchy and full of mistakes. Especially the audio thing is really really badly done.

I'll buy Monster Hunter Rise once they add an option for the Palamute to mount you instead.

You've been visited by the Link of Being Too Lazy To Affect Your Day.

You can react, but it won't make a difference since he's too lazy to provide you with good luck or anything.

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@BBCNewsnight @deb_cohen @hannahsbee @absw There's going to be a day when this is looked back on as a very disturbing chapter in the BBC's history, when dishonest journalists smearing a minority group as part of a coordinated attack on their human rights was celebrated as a good thing.

I haven't done Animal Crossing dailies in 4 days because I have no idea where I put my Switch. >_>

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CW: Suicide

What an unbelievably callous, cynical thing to say, even by Singal's standards. I'm still mourning the loss of one of the most gentle souls I've ever known, and this ghoul thinks it's what... Edgy posturing?

Good god, fuck him.

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I'm sorry this feeling just hasn't gone away.

Look at this image from Super World.

Look at how unsymmetrical it is...

All this empty space as thought....

Something belongs there...?

Ugh, I know I'm going to lose followers if I keep talking about nonsense like this...

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Something feels...


Did something happen yesterday?

I've had this headache and this logo has been bothering me for the past few hours.

Did Super 64's logo always look like this..?

Who even was...

I'm sorry, I must be going crazy! I think what I need is a nice rest...

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