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You may not believe me, but I've gathered substantial evidences that point to the fact the Vinny Vinesauce and VDub are the SAME PERSON!

And this is why we need legal repercussions for false claims.
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Update on the SHUEISHA situation: turns out it wasn't a massive japanese corporation, it was an INDIVIDUAL incel harassing a female content creator by pretending to be Shueisa and taking down content. And it was that easy to get away with it.
This is wild. WILD.

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I thought I was being clever, putting the litter box on wheels so I could slide it out from under the stairs, but I have inadvertently created a Mad Max-esque vehicle which my cat uses to roll around the house, dragging himself with his front paws, the entire time shitting.

Yeah, just ordered a set of tubular lockpicks. Fucking things cost 20 bux

So... looks like I lost the keys to one of my arcade cabinets.

Guess I gotta learn how to pick a tubular lock, now...

Suddenly I'm so tired that even typing is an ordeal

I just found a youtuber who has uploaded over 150 videos in the last few months and about 20 of them are about the "decline" of Cinemassacre, including weird speculation and conspiracies about Mike's departure.


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The 1st Amendment, 1984, and The Bible gotta be top 3 most cited material by people who didn’t read them

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"We need good strong Nazis, clean-cut, in expensive suits. Respectable and handsome. The kind of Nazis you wouldn't be ashamed to kiss."

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the aclu *only* makes this argument, and makes it extremely consistently, for white supremacists. it's not a genuine Appeal To Reason and we shouldn't treat it like one.

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aclu has a great record of going "we must help these neo nazis to protect speech rights for *everyone*" and then never bothering to represent a communist in court or publicly express sympathy for them. fuck the aclu

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"punishing fascists will only divide us more" yes I want to be divided from fascists

Finished watching the FF6 finale.
The ending still gets me teary-eyed.

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It’s heart warming to see all these people growing a conscience at the 11th hour ❤️

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