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Yes there’s a lot going on, but here’s the president saying he successfully ordered a murder executed by US Marshals.

I started watching Cobra Kai today and holy shit, this show is good.

Fox News called the New York Post a "venerable tabloid"
Isn't that an oxymoron?

You know... if there's one thing Super Mario 3D All Stars did, it's that it made me appreciate Mario Odyssey a lot more.
The controls in Odyssey are super tight and you got so much freedom with your movement, it's fantastic.
And the ending is still SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY!

And now I got a toothache on top of everything else.

I looked at that subreddit. There's multiple reports like it. People who never had one before make FB accounts, then immediately get banned, with FB demanding photo ID and even fucking selfie videos, and then still deciding "Nope, you're permabanned, enjoy your new paperweight"
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Man the whole Facebook integration isn't looking too hot

RT @dizzy_ziddy
Man the whole Facebook integration isn't looking too hot

I love how this October is turning out to be the "everyone is horny for Boos" month.
I've never seen that many lewd Boo images before.
(and to be completely honest, I'm kinda into it)

Well, at least this is working.
Now I just gotta wait for the stack of 50 empty cards I bought on AliExpress, since the samples that came with the RFID board sadly aren't NTAG215.

Guess who had to get tested for covid because of her cold/flu, today.

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Full disclosure: I am one of those people, who, upon finding out I was required to fly to the DC area and go into an enclosed, presumably airtight studio with mask-less folks talking for several hours during a second wave of a pandemic- had to take a raincheck on this invite...

Wanna know how long it takes me to vote?
From the time I get off my bike, maybe 5 minutes. That includes my ID check, reading through everything, folding my ballot and wishing the volunteers there a nice day.

The USA's system is a bad fucking joke at the expense of the voters.

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