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Look, all I'm saying is that fetish fuel is more sustainable than fossil fuel. The sooner we switch over, the better

Oh shit, my Undertale vinyls are finally about to be shipped!

I KNEW Crowbcat would return to make a video about Cyberpunk

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When gender crits say "older teens" they mean "adults". Not content with taking away competent teenagers' ability to have a say in their medical care, terfs are now going after *legal adults* to strip them of their ability to consent to treatment. twitter.com/JoboGinger/status/

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Crunchyroll's getting the blame for censoring the show, but it's one case where they can't really explain the real reason.

"We didn't censor it, it's just that the show we funded was so badly mismanaged that they were unable to animate the faces at all."

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blowing people's minds by telling them that the 1982 concept of a futuristic Lupin the Third show named Lupin the Eighth got hit with copyright issues and as such was retooled into Inspector Fucking Gadget

I was so excited that my OC Passy is featured in @DrowsySelkie's latest piece that I almost linked it in a Discord server that doesn't allow NSFW. >_>

(Also the reason I didn't RT it on this account, but I highly encourage you to check it out if you like Pokemon lewds!)

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women only want one thing and it's a 1/48 scale metal gear rex figure

I did have an allergic reaction to a new pillow, a few weeks ago, but this time it has to be something I ate. But I never ever had a food allergy this bad.

I'm having an awful allergic reaction to something and I have absolutely no idea what, this time. Last evening I started itching a little and now my whole body is red and itching like crazy. My hands and face are swollen and I'm nauseous. What the fuck

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This is what all those "silenced" UK transphobes have directly encouraged with the endless newspaper columns they get to write.

All those editorials where they talk about how "cancelled" they are and how trans people (who don't get newspaper columns) are the true oppressors. twitter.com/GenderGP/status/13

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So my family and I came here in 1991 as refugees and worked shitty jobs, collected Social Security Income, and got food stamps. We're now business owners, software engineers, doctors, and pay six figures in taxes.

It's not a "handout," Karen. It's an investment in your society.

>See post talking about how people should join minds because so many cool people migrated there
>posts screenshot of the people
>"Oh, must have been a jape post after all"


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