Holy fuck, somebody was horny for femboys, when they redesigned the Angel for the Actraiser remake. Especially the alternate costume.

So a few weeks ago Discord let me use "super reactions" on a few servers and now they took the feature away from me again. 🤔

Exactly five months ago, Link escaped through the balcony window. And today I got a call from Tasso, the pet registry service, giving me the number of someone who's supposedly seen him.
Well, he's grumpy, he's got a lot of scabs, but he's healthy and, most importantly, he's home.

2 points, because this thing is made for Americans.
I didn't have an AOL email, since AOL wasn't that big here, and I never used a paper check, since checks generally were/are super uncommon here.

Huh, the UI is REALLY different, compared to the demo. Seems like it would be amazing for streaming, though.

Again, literally the worst businessman in history
A never ending source of entertainment.

Blink twice if you are in immediate danger
Wiggle your nose if they have a gun to your head

"Oh hey, let's check out Spoutible, that new platform that actually seems promising and doesn't have TOS that boils down to 'We now own your content'"

Okay, nevermind????

What day is it????

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