That final line... I just... wow.
The disconnect here is absolutely baffling
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We recently learned a tragically sad story of a veteran in the Rochester region.

When he stopped receiving increased unemployment assistance, he couldn't pay his mortgage and heartbreakingly committed suicide.

I just demanded we pass suicide prevention acts.

Trying to look at that tweet a lot of people are RTing about school clubs (I think?)

I have no idea who that is and never interacted with them. Thanks?

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The Lincoln Project’s legal response to the frivolous threat of a lawsuit from Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s lawyer.

This will not be the last they hear from us.

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The original thread seems to be gone, but this is a good explanation of why you can't let racists, nazis, and so on into your circles in any capacity.

Not. One.

Get them out of here.

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Your job was taken by DC comics because you told a fan to kill himself.

Again, it was like three years ago. We remember what actually happened.

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電卓5台で「グリーングリーンズ / 星のカービィBGM」を演奏してみた

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LRT this caves of qud saga is amazing, because all of the channers raiding/review bombing them right now are so mad at this simple, sane and well written code of conduct being actually enforced

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This is a reply to an email written by a schoolgirl to her MP. The fact he would speak to a concerned 16 year old like this underlines how little these people care for young people and children. Christ. It’s ghoulish behaviour

How about just SELLING the fucking thing? Jesus Christ Nintendo. I'm getting so tired of your shit.
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RT this post for a chance to win a limited edition : Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda OST selection vinyl, which includes remixes of classic tunes!

Game and Season Pass available now:

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FAITH wouldn’t be what it is today if @VinnyVinesauce hadn’t streamed it nearly 3 years ago. Streamers are important to us small devs! Some viewers will never pay for a copy of FAITH but many do. Why would I discourage streamers, even the smaller ones, from broadcasting my game?

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