Just filled out the German 2022 census questionnaire and uh... this is kinda fucking bullshit.
"What's your gender (according to birth register)"

What's even the point of legal change if you're gonna be like this, you fucks?

Well, I just beat my first OoT randomizer Tokensanity run and it was the worst possible seed combined with the worst possible luck.
I 100%ed the save. All hearts, all upgrades, 100 Gold Skulltulas. The light arrows were literally the last check left in the entire game.

Is this a bad joke @BandaiNamcoEU????
That's 10 bucks more than in the US!

I'm trying to fix the electronics of a dryer and my dad found a forum post about the exact problem it has.
Instead of sending me a link to the post, he printed it out. In a font size that makes this single forum post (without pictures) take up six pages.

Okay, this sorta worked. I see @VinnyVinesauce but the bottom left is definitely @Rev_Scarecrow.

Man, DALL·E mini has become almost unusable, now that everyone and their mom knows about it...
That being said, here's the cancelled Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Courage

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