>people arguing that the price hike from 60 to 70 bux for video games is justified, when the actual average price for most AAA titles has been 90 bux for a good while (60 base game + 30 for the season pass)

@angahith DLC adds less than a full game worth of content and costs as much as a full game if you don't get a special deal on it with, ie, season pass stuff.

Getting all the skins in SC2 for my army/base is several hundred dollars by itself. Utterly absurd. I've only bought two things because the prices are so outrageous, and only because the value/enjoyment I get out of them is constant (D'Va announcer, and the co-op commanders which DO add a lot of fun.)

@angahith We're quickly progressing to the point where you'll get some nugget of core game and then have to nickel and dime your way to a full game, ultimately spending hundreds of dollars to get anything resembling what you used to get for $60 in the 90's or 00's.

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