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Hello, I think this is working now.
Welcome to my Master Dong.

The Steam Deck Dock is finally available and it's fucking €99? Yeah, no, I'm gonna buy the JSAUX one for half that.

Toad's Chinese cowboy impression is so offensive that Mario's stomach ulcer practically explodes and he is unable to ask Toad to stop being so fucking racist

Petition to make @jackblack Bowser's official voice for the games, too.
He's absolutely nailed it.

My opinion, short summary:
Bowser voice and model great
Mario voice bad
Mario model feels off
Animation great
Not enough Luigi to form an opinion

The shot did knock me out a bit more than I thought. I pretty much slept all day, yesterday, and now my sleep schedule is... wait, now I'm actually up at a normal time again. Huh.

Oh yeah, got my second booster shot with the new version of the Biontech vaccine, earlier. Arm hurts a little, but that's it. At first I thought it made me a bit dizzy, but then I realized that's probably just because I was dehydrated and had only slept 2 hours, haha.

Everyone's panicking about Twitter, but I don't think anything's gonna change. Muskrat doesn't even WANT it anymore and is only buying now because the lawsuit would end up costing him more in the long run. He's gonna sell Twitter again as soon as possible, at a loss.

Need to decide what my art request this month will be...

Really craving cuddles right now.
The realization that almost all my issues are RSD-related kinda fucked me up

I kinda want to talk more about this dumb RSD shit with friends but haha, RSD makes me scared they don't want to hear it. :)

Thinking about it, this is also the reason I don't play games with people. The fear of ruining someone else's fun that I mentioned before is 100% this.
Fucking hell.

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Re: how bad is it?
The reason I tend to only ever shitpost when it comes to watching or listening to shit together is because I'm apparently terrified of the thought that someone won't like what I actually enjoy. Even though I know that, realistically, it's really not a big deal.

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Man, I never fully realized until last night just how bad my rejection sensitive dysphoria is and now I realize that THAT is the main reason behind me being unable to get help when I need it.

Man, Rolling Girl just always hits me in the feels really hard.

Oh hey, today the 150.000th person died from Covid in Germany.
Lufthansa decides to celebrate this glorious event by lifting mask mandates on their flights.


Just now in Risa's voice chat:
Risa (playing Splatoon 3): "I'm gonna splat your cheeks!"
Me: "You know you can splat MY cheeks, any day."
PAD: "Anga, do you even think about the things you're saying?"
Me: "No. It would be a lot less fun if I did."

I still can't believe Persona 5 was so innovative, it invented jazz, Shibuya AND ancient Egypt.

Somebody stole the REAR LIGHT off of my bicycle.
How fucking pathetic do you have to BE????

This wasn't there yesterday, so some absolute galaxy brain decided to deploy a broken feature on a Friday evening.
You're fucking going to dev hell.

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