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Hello, I think this is working now.
Welcome to my Master Dong.

Holy fuck, somebody was horny for femboys, when they redesigned the Angel for the Actraiser remake. Especially the alternate costume.

Started playing the Actraiser remake and after a few hours, I just HAD to check and I was not disappointed.
There IS porn of the femboy angel.

On the train back home. It's warm, 40 minutes late and now the fucking wifi ain't working right. It keeps kicking me out of being signed in and the speed is horrendous. (0.7 Mbit vs 75 Mbit on my own 5G)

If anyone I know ever happens to be in Dortmund, try out the Lucky Chinese restaurant. Their food is absolutely amazing and they have actually authentic Chinese cuisine, including some of the stuff the Western tongue might consider icky, if you're into that.

I meant to get home early today since I gotta get up REALLY early tomorrow for a long train trip and then our AC in the office building's small, internal server room was acting crazy and I had to stay and wait for the service techs. Oof


Any of my German friends a Windows admin looking for a (new) job? My work is desperately looking to fill a vacant position.

I really need to stop saying "terlet" at work.
Damn you, Simpsons, you ruined my vocabulary!

I can't believe how many people are genuinely congratulating the Muskrat on this epic failure.

Urk, I'm so out of it, this morning, I somehow panicked and scrambled to leave ten minutes earlier than I meant to. Also woke up 30 minutes before my alarm went off, with tightness in my throat so bad, I had trouble drinking water.
This is gonna be a great day...

What a better way to end this day, than with really shitty microwave spaghetti that used to be good.

I just wanna go home at this point.
Fuck this stupid birthday.
I'm also not gonna post my wishlist because fuck everything.

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