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Square Enix literally just announced ports of kingdom hearts for $230 USD on PC when you can buy a complete collection of all the same games for forty fucking dollars on PS4

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This comic was a banger, so I had to do somethin' bout' it.

Comic originally posted by @oocspongebobs

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Hey y'all.

Here we go! I'm moving in a month, I'm going to be unemployed and starting from scratch with no safety net whatsoever.

But it's a fresh start that I desperately need. Help a xirl out? Even just an RT can make a huge difference.

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Scientists believed that no corporate statement could ever be emptier than "love is love." But one brave cookie brand found a way.

Watching @Amphy139Twitch play Sonic 06 and I forgot (and fucking hate) how badly they butchered my boy Omega.

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If you see one of these on the street, you're obligated as a human being to destroy it.

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If you have the final ROM image of Sound Fantasy ( ), please contact me.

もしも誰かサウンドファンタジー( )の完成版ROMイメージを持っていたら、教えてください!

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this old fashioned razor sharpener reminds me that our entire disposable culture is built on a lie, that lie is digging things out of the ground and then throwing them away almost as quickly makes any sense at all

Christ, I'm feeling awful today. I'm nauseous, my voice is gone, everything's kinda fuzzy and my joints hurt like fuck.

Support sex workers.
Support content creators.
Support small studios.

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