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Hello, I think this is working now.
Welcome to my Master Dong.

"I miss the PS1-PS3 era where games didn't have these stupid politics"
(you know, like FF7 and Metal Gear Solid and...)

We all know what you mean is "I don't want to see queer people in my video games."

Well, may I introduce you to Faris in FF5, you dumb cunt?

I love when people talk about something and ALWAYS abbreviate the main topic without spelling it out ONCE, and there's like a dozen possible things it could stand for.

No really, there's like one slightly funny video for every 50 that are utter garbage.

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You should check out that "videos in yo phone that have you crying laughing" thread if you want to see the opposite of humor.

Imagine being such a fucking pathetic loser, you buy a mediocre game for 60+ bux, just to own the libs.
"Hurr durr, I wasn'r gonna buy it but I am now"

Man, whenever I see artists I've been following for AGES, or even friends of mine post a "Let me draw your OC" thing, I never respond, because my brain immediately tells me that getting free art is bad.

Oh Jesus. Seinfeld bot caught a 2 week ban for saying shitty stuff during the stand-up bit. And chat started parroting it, so that's probably a large part of it, since you're responsible for your channel's chat. There's gonna be a lot of bans.

It's so simple. If you're not affected, don't claim you know better.
I'm white. I would never DARE to attempt that.
Meanwhile I expect cis people to not try to "educate" ME on trans issues.

The golden rule:
If you have no clue, just shut the fuck up.

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I will never get over white """leftists""" trying to educate PoC on what is racist and what isn't.

I have things to do, but I'm feeling utterly miserable.
Nauseous, dizzy, and I just can't even get out of bed, today...

If you want proof that Chat GPT is entirely unreliable:
It just told me that hacking your 3DS is extremely difficult and "requires a deep understanding of its hardware and software"

Have another batch before I sleep

The Legend of Zelda: Demonic Flatulence
The Legend of Zelda: The Guardian's Chutney
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Legal Counseling
The Legend of Zelda: Longitude of Harnoff
The Legend of Zelda: The Unwound Clam

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I always feel kinda stupid when the topic of horror movies comes up and I have to say "I'm so full of existential dread that horror movies do nothing for me anymore" because it sounds cliche and stupid and whiny, but it's completely true.

How does twitter keep getting worse?
For the past few days, random images on my TL have randomly been shown as completely illegible stretched thumbnails.

Some """publications""" literally be posting headlines like "We should give neo-fascism a chance"

I hope nobody's annoyed by my Zelda title shitposts, just yet

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