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Hello, I think this is working now.
Welcome to my Master Dong.

"Unknown perpetrator plants bomb marked with swastika on vehicle. Motivations behind the act are unclear, according to police representative."

German police, everybody.

Today I learned that Crunchyroll's licensing deal with Toei is utter shit and won't let you choose subs in any other language than the country's you're in.

Hokay, food plans for next week:
Pizza (homemade)
Steak (really craving that)
Pasta with zucchini sauce
Random BBQ stuff

Factoring in leftovers, that should be enough.

Since yesterday, I've eaten the entire 3 liters of gazpacho I made. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ask me anything

Getting real fucking tired of people who claim recognizing trans women as women (and ignoring trans men completely, as usual) harms women's right.
And even get to publish articles about that.
You can take your shitty anti-trans propaganda and shove where the sun don't shine.

Aw dammit, guess I'll have to move tacos to monday. I was sure I still have beef in the freezer, but I guess I don't.

I'm so tired. I've been sleeping for most of the past few days. Not sure what's wrong with me. :(

Okay, food plans for the weekend:
- Cold spaghetti with diced tomatoes and zucchini
- Gazpacho
- Tacos

And for lunch and snacking, I'm making cucumber salad today.

(thanks for the suggestions, @chari_zmatic and @pictoiv)

I have no idea what to cook, this weekend. Definitely only light stuff, since it's so warm...

And TERF shit is trending again. Reported a dozen accounts. Time to get off of Twitter for the the day. This is too mentally taxing.

Watercooling fixed up, big comp is running again. And even cooler than before so yay.

I will never understand how openly neonazi organizations/groups are not automatically labeled as domestic terrorists. That's what they are. There's just no discussion here.

Feeling really tired. And not a good kind of tired. Just sad-tired.

Maybe Jeb should just run for president again with the promise that, if he wins, he'll release the recipe.

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When I die, I want to be eaten and then given to JKR as an upper-decker in her house.

Kinda worried this might miss its goal, so...
do check out Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland on @Kickstarter

The Direct was pretty good, except
>"In this Direct Mini we'll be focusing on games releasing this year..."
>Half the games release in 2023

Imagine living in 2022 and not wanting to fuck Tristana.

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