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Hello, I think this is working now.
Welcome to my Master Dong.

#1 Rule of building an evil castle: Never use plaster.
It's absolutely vital that the bricks are being held together by some form of magic, so that your castle starts crumbling the very second you are defeated.

Whoops, almost accidentally RTed Isabelle with a huge dick on this account.

I just had the worst microwave lasagna of my life.
1. It shrunk down to about half its size after microwaving
2. You only taste two things. white sauce and an overwhelming tomato flavor
3. There are literally only three layers of noodles
4. The noodles are also mealy


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While I'm at it, here's Marshall trying to show off

cw: drugs

I'm now the proud owner of (and made it redirect to @VinePotato's Twitch page for now)

The German government appointed a cabinet committee for fighting against right-wing extremism and racism.
Every single member is white and one of them previously said "The mother of all problems is migration"

Well done, you shitheads. Well done.

Your neighbor from #9 shows up and says in a very annoyed tone "Jesus, I'm so tired of you people and your whining! This guy ain't THAT bad!"

This is you when you say "Trump wasn't so bad" because all his shitty policies didn't affect you directly.
So kindly fuck off.

Over the months/years lots of properties get damaged, some houses completely burn down and some people die in the flames.
One day you loudly complain about it, after you only barely managed to limit the damage to just your garage burning down.

Imagine you live in the suburbs, on an average street, in house number 10.
But there's a guy who randomly shows up at night and attempts to light every even-numbered house on fire. You can't catch him and the police says he's in his right to do so.

I'm still very slightly behind. I don't think I can complete like planned. :(

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Thinking about how everyone intuitively understands that it's unethical and evil to buy up all the PS5s in a neighbourhood and then scalp them on ebay for inflated prices, but can't grasp that such actions are literally the ENTIRE basis around which capitalism is founded. :P

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NEW: Thousands of Amazon workers in 12 countries are protesting on Black Friday, from garment manufacturers and call center employees to warehouse workers all over. Biggest coordinated international labor action thus far

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