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Hello, I think this is working now.
Welcome to my Master Dong.

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Around 378 million of you told us to make Smiling Friends. So we’re making Smiling Friends with @MichaelRCusack and @psychicpebble and it’s coming this year. Yay!

It's always amazing how these stupid TERFs alost exclusively whine about "men invading women spaces" and completely ignore the existence of NB people and trans men. Those are just collateral in their brainless crusade.

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They're re-employing old anti-piracy language like 'lost revenue' to convince you this meme is real

I just remembered reading several cheats for Ecco 2: The Tides of Time in a magazine, as a kid, that would let you transform into other animals, including an orca, but I can only find the code for the shark, online.

In the past hour, my internet went out three times

On Wednesday there's going to be a vote about getting rid of the horribly outdated and shitty trans laws in Germany.
I don't exactly have high hopes, tbh.

Wish I still had a vent account, because I'm at one of my lowest points in a long time.

Successfully missed the entire first day of the PSO2 closed beta. *rolls over again*

I got up at 7:30 AM to go to the store. Then I felt like shit and decided to lie down again. Now it's 6:40 PM.
Fuck everything.

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